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Purpose: Recheck
Establishment Name: LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA
Address: 4922 S EMERSON AVE
District: 14
License Number: 205942
Inspection Date: 01/16/2018
Result: Violations Found

Critical: 415 Pests/rodents
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Kitchen Yes
Violation Description: Presence of pests and/or rodents in facility.
Corrective Action: Exterminate pest and/or rodents using approved methods and elimination harborage conditions.
Additional Comments: There are rodent droppings against wall under the pizza oven. Clean up droppings so we can determine if this is a past problem or a present problem.
Critical: 118 (a) (1) No certified food handler
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Violation Description: No certified food handler per 410 IAC 7-22.
Corrective Action: Provide a certified food handler.
Additional Comments: No certified food handler. Provide Certified food handler certificate or proof of registration for exam at follow-up.
Non-Critical: 245 (b) Wiping cloths / storage
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Three bay area Yes
Violation Description: Wiping cloth(s) stored improperly.
Corrective Action: Wet towels shall be stored in sanitizer when not in use.
Additional Comments:
Non-Critical: 218 Equipment repair
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Walk-in cooler Walk in cooler Yes
Violation Description: Equipment in need of repair.
Corrective Action: Equipment shall be maintained in good repair and condition.
Additional Comments: The walk-in cooler has a water leak from the ceiling (back portion of walk-in). Repair unit to stop leak.
Non-Critical: 295 (c) Non food contact surface cleaning frequency
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Walk-in cooler Dunage racks No
Violation Description: Non-food contact surface(s) soiled.
Corrective Action: Clean and sanitize.
Additional Comments: The racks in the walk-in cooler are soiled. Clean and sanitize.
Non-Critical: 324 Plumbing system/ repair (Non-Critical)
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Kitchen (back) Hand sink No
Violation Description: Plumbing system(s) not maintained in good repair.
Corrective Action: Plumbing system(s) shall be repaired and maintained.
Additional Comments: The hand sink i the back has a steady drip. Repair sink to stop drip.